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 #78341  by martyusa
Living in Newark no problems in following places OC'ing...

Chestnut hill shopping center:
Shoprite -ok
Rite Aid - ok
Brookside liquor- ok
Tony's Rest. -ok
Wendy & Taco Bell - ok
Staples - ok

Brookside Shopping center:
Walgreens - ok
Dollar store- ok
Dry cleaners - ok


All stores over there and the PNC have been ok.

Only problem I have had was a minor issue in Christiana Mall where I was approached by SP and told me that management did not like carrying in the mall. I asked to finish my purchase, as it was the only store I was visiting, and did not give me any problem. Finished up and left.

Heading to the Gun show at Aetna tomorrow with the kids, so we'll see how that goes.
 #78376  by bluedog46
I have a write up in encounters of note about rite-aid. I have not had a problem at any other rite aid I carried at by the one on by Glasgow trailer park there was an issue and I was told they have a no gun policy, even for the guys who come in an stick them up. I tole them I think the bad guys dont care about a no gun policy
 #78389  by martyusa
I don't get certain people under certain situations.. LOL Big sign that says nothing newer than 1988 permitted in the show. So I was asked to pack up my Glock and store it, but if I had an old wheel gun it would have been ok.. SMH. I Brought my camera in for some pics of the older stuff, but dealers were more worried about the pics of certain items than they were about my weapon. One of those days I spent scratching my head.
 #78399  by myopicvisionary
Strange, I have OCed at that same Rite-Aid several times without incident.
 #78415  by bluedog46
myopicvisionary wrote:Strange, I have OCed at that same Rite-Aid several times without incident.
I had a couple times as well, I know there was someone who just had an issue and went to security, but it is their policy. I still oc in other ones, but that one I put my shirt over it or leave my jacket on.