You may start a topic here for an Open Carry Log -- a place to relay places and any events which may occur.
 #79363  by SeanM
Figured I'd start to add my "encounters" to the logs, now that's I'm here. ;)

Lowe's at Five Points this morning. Needed to pick up a mailbox so our mail would have a place to go, even though the house is still just a pile of wood at the Ritz-Craft factory. Dad said "Probably should pull your shirt over that, huh?" Told him nope, can't do it legally, need to do open for the next several months.

I didn't notice anyone looking at me, running for cover, screaming about kids being in danger, or anything else. My Glock also didn't jump out of its holster and randomly start discharging at people for no reason.

Of course, most people are oblivious, I know that. I could have had a unicorn strapped to my side, and nobody would have noticed that either, most likely. :D

 #79375  by Fishhunter911
Nice way to start off!!
 #79381  by jslacker
:applause: :applause: Congrats in testing out the waters of OC here in DE.
 #79416  by bluedog46
 #79420  by willyb1972020
Most of the time that is how your trips will go. I have started to see people nod at me like they are accepting of it. Great job and hope it keeps up for you.
 #79428  by photog
Well done Sean!!! :applause: :applause: :applause:

I open carry in that Lowe's very often and have never had an issue. Same for the Home Depot around the corner..
 #79475  by SeanM
January 21, 2013 -

First, met with the builder of the new house at Bayside Homes in Midway. Ryan Class is a pro-gun guy anyway, but open carried there while we finalized house plans.

Then, had to take the rental trucks back. First stop was I.G. Burton in Seaford. Found out that they are no longer a Penske place, so we had to move on down the road. Got the deer stare at first from one of the girls behind the counter, but otherwise, no issues.

 #79726  by SeanM
January 23, 2013:

Had lunch at The Green Turtle at Five Points with the folks and their friends. No issues there.

Went with the whole family to FroYo in the evening, also at Five Points. Nobody ran away screaming.

 #80197  by SeanM
January 30, 2013 -

Made the usual Wednesday lunch date with the folks & the local ham club at The Greene Turtle in Lewes. Conversation toward my end of the table suddenly turned into a couple of guys questioning why *anyone* would see the need to carry a gun to a lunch or breakfast meeting between a bunch of friends, along with the (usual) prevailing wisdom that only cops should carry guns, and that's it.

My wife asked if I wanted to change places with her (she was one person further down from the discussion than I was). I squashed that request - I guess she sensed my hot button got pushed, and while she was right, I've also learned to sit and listen for a while before jumping in.

I'm not sure if they knew I was carrying at the time, or if that's what started the discussion or not, because I only picked up on the discussion after I had ended one in the other direction and I missed the start.

Anyway, I did what I like to do in this situation - let them talk it out, and listen. Eventually, I can find a place to throw in an interjection which might derail the talk a little bit, and eventually, let them talk themselves into a corner they can't get out of. In this case, I let the discussion go toward the reason for the 2A. One of them said that all of the talk about gun guys needing guns to protect themselves from government taking over was silly.

I explained to the person (a teacher) that the 2A was indeed written for that exact purpose, right? Don't you remember that?

He then conceded that it was just his personal opinion, that maybe others didn't share that same opinion, and that's OK too. No hard feelings.

Nope, no hard feelings. I won't force you to carry or change your mind, so long as you don't force me to stop carrying and change my mind. :)

After the lunch, another guy walked up to me and thanked me for open carrying, as well as starting the FSFFA. That made me feel a lot better.

 #81225  by SeanM
February 20, 2013 -

Been going to the weekly lunch meetings on Wednesdays at the Greene Turtle in Lewes. No issues.

Didn't try carrying at Beebe hospital during any of the times that my wife was there. Didn't want to press my luck.

I did OC today to her surgeon's office in Lewes. Nobody said anything, but I can't be 100% sure anyone noticed, either.

Went to Food Lion in Lewes after that, and walked around shopping with her. No issues, no worries.