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 #81619  by SeanM
Was a bit unsure about carrying at the doctor's office today, but did so to see what the reaction would be. Not sure if nobody noticed, or nobody cared, but there were no issues. (Wish I could say the same thing about just finding a doctor that is taking new patients!)

Went down to Casapulla's South for lunch with the family next. I think one or two patrons noticed, but again, no issues.

Shopped at the Nike Outlet this evening with my wife, and again, no issues.

 #82017  by SeanM
Went to lunch with the family at McDonald's at Rt 1 & Rt. 24 near Midway. Nobody ran away screaming.

 #82097  by gheart
Cool log...I live about 8 miles South-West of Bethany Beach.. I've noticed some of the other OC logs take place upstate, so its cool to see that people are friendly and accepting in the slower lower as well
 #82572  by SeanM
Got some catching up to do....

Still OC every Wednesday for lunch at Greene Turtle in Five Points... no issues. Also have made several more visits to Lowe's at Five Points, and Giant Food in Rehoboth - no issues in either place. Now that I'm switching from an Iowa number to a Delaware number, I had to make a trip to Atlantic Cellular in Midway (unfortunately with a follow up to check on a malfunctioning phone, with at least one more trip to go) and again, no issues. Went with Dad to get some adult beverage supplies at Roadster's liquor in Five Points, and stopped at Arby's, both with no issues. Mrs. SeanM is working as the manager at Cold Water Creek in the Outlets, and I OC there when I visit her. I guess that doesn't count, because I know the manager, huh? ;)

Going from 100% CC in Iowa to 100% OC here has taken some getting used to, but it's coming along.

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 #82573  by smartz
Me too. I'm in West Fenwick. It is very refreshing to see more from slower lower, especially the beach towns.
 #83226  by SeanM
Went to Outback on Thursday night with family and friends. No issues there. Sat at an open table, too, so it's not like I was trying to keep it on the inside of a booth.

 #83238  by Boots
Have you guys met DMac yet? He's in the Rehobeth Beach area.

I hope to finally meet him sometime this Spring/Summer when I'm down that way... if he's still working at the same place he was last year.
 #83246  by SeanM
I have not, no. Haven't had a face to face with too many people just yet.

 #83275  by frankwest2008
Feel like I never see anyone OC down here in the beach towns. Ocean View feels pretty liberal based upon the population that I know.
 #83285  by myopicvisionary
I've OCed in many southern DE towns on my way to and from the Seaford matches.