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 #81380  by GXR11
well, yesterday was a nice landmark as it was my first experiance with open carry. i figured my biggest hurdle would be getting comfortable with it myself, let alone my family. we decided we needed to go to lowes up on 202 jujst before the PA boarder. being in my infancy of this i decided to call the store, speak with the manager and find out what his companies policy was only because i didnt want to get in there with my girl, our 5 year old and a 5 month old then have me asked to leave and make her go get everything or us just not get anything we needed. the manager wasnt sure, lol. he called em back a few moments later and said that he didnt see any issues with it as long as everything was with in the legal bounderies. so the next part to handle was the 5 year old. "why do you have a gun? are you going to shoot people?" was his response to seeing it on my hip lol.. i told him no, that "it was just to make sure mommy, you and baby alex dont get hurt by any bad guys" he said, "yes you are going to shoot people, your going to shoot bad guys and zombies!!" hahaha yeah buddy, if theres any zombie, i probably will shoot them.

once in the store it was likei didnt even have it. walked around no body said anything, most didnt even notice. i saw some eyes look down but that was the extent of it. we got everything that we needed and proceeded to the check out line.. thats when i someone finally saw it and spoke up about it. it was the cashier, he looked at me, looked at the gun, looked back at me and said. " nice gun, im starting to carry mine with me more also"

all and all, it was a good experiance, and helped make me more comfortable enough to keep doing it.
 #81382  by scampbell3
Congratulations on your first OC. However, I must say this, please do not call to see if you are "allowed" to OC. While your response from the manager was positive, many times when people do this it is not positive. Since you are carrying a firearm lawfully there is no reason to ask permission. If the property owner ask you to leave because of a lawfully carried firearm, that is their right as a property owner. The right to carry does not trump an owners rights to control what or who comes in their stores. This is the nature of liberty. At some point in time you may be asked to leave a location because the controller of the property does not want firearms in the store. This is their right to ask us to leave if they wish and we must comply, if not we are then in violation of the law.

Again, congratulations on your first OC, welcome to the dark side...
The more you OC, the easier it gets and as you have already experienced at Lowes, most people really do not notice or pay attention. Carry on!

 #81385  by Kuntryboy816
Congrats on your first OC! It'll get a lot easier and more comfortable the more you OC.

Zombies beware!
 #81407  by GXR11
thanks guys... and thanks for the heads up on the calling. but like you stated i just wanted to avoid the whole being asked to leave part and saving my girl the embarrassment. and we actually needed to get some stuff. it i think im pretty comfortable with it just after doing it once.. i ended up forgetting it was there at times... now i just want to make a dash mounted holster setup so theres no concern of it sliding off.

and my favorite part of it all was our 5 year olds zombie comment... i got clue where the hell he came up with that but i just about lost
 #84018  by GXR11
Currently sitting in IHOP... One guy noticed my XD, told his wife, then she noticed.. She seemed not to care at all.. He looked perplexed.. Lol... So far going smooth
 #84447  by harr2969
Great to hear! Keep learning, and I second what chip said - know your rights and don't ask permission to exercise them, in the same way you wouldn't ask permission to picket, or to tell someone what you think about a particularly slimy government official. People died to give us these freedoms, and others (dis) comfort shouldn't affect our safety. keep it up!