You may start a topic here for an Open Carry Log -- a place to relay places and any events which may occur.
 #83211  by sethinde
I did my first open carry today (actually yesterday 3/29). :D

After 450 rounds out of my XDm 9mm 3.8, I decided that I was confident with it. I am taking a class with Omega Firearms this weekend and I am pretty excited to go.

It was a short trip to return a red box movie and pick up some brew at the liquor store in university plaza. Felt the "Neon Sign' especially when the security guard gave me "the eye" on the way to my car. No one else blinked or seemed to notice. Uneventful : pbjtime:

I have to spray for bugs and weeds, and change some outdoor light bulbs at my apartment building tomorrow (it's at the edge of the bucket in Killmington!) I will be OC then too. Will post back.

Apparently there were shot fired last weekend that my tenant heard and my tenant was shaken down by SWAT when her boyfriend ran up the steps to the apartment as he was reported as the man running after gunshots were heard... apartment was searched for guns while they were handcuffed on the porch. This is the story I head as a Landlord, so who really knows... As well as more than a few shootings really close by.

This is why I am getting CCDW, but as I see long wait times in NCC I will OC until I'm legal otherwise
 #83726  by TexasJay
I have to say if I was in an area where shots were fired I'd be running home (if I lived near). What reasonable articulable suspicion did they have to search the premises for guns? And what if they had guns? I have plenty in my apartment but that doesn't mean they get to search my home for "evidence". I'd tell the cops to stuff it and lawyer up instantly. Hope your tenant did too.
 #83727  by TexasJay
By the way, congrats on OC! The neon sign over your head that says "I have a gun!" Will fade after a few weeks of OC. OC for the win :pbjtime: