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 #83357  by 02337
So I'm in a bit of a situation, hope this fits here.

I have a opportunity to buy a used SD40VE for a good price with 2 mags and tigger spring kit gentleman has all original spring and parts too,
VS the SD9VE which viper98 has for 399 with 2 mags brand new.

This will be a dedicated open carry pistol as when I acquire my CCDW I'll most likely get a designated concealed pistol.

My brother has the M&P 40 and thinks the .40 would be a better self defense carry weapon, I'm thinking 9mm holds 2 more rounds and has less recoil but the 40 does have a little more stopping power.

So my question is, what do you prefer to carry?

I have my hi point in 9mm, which before I hear bashing has had over 500 rounds at the range and eats everything from winchester white box to hornady zmax/remington jhp, golden sabers which I intend to keep as my range plinker.

Thoughts would be appreciated!
 #83359  by cahill85
Hey brother, as you stated I say .40 all the way but its gotta be what your the most comfortable with.
 #83360  by Mr.Skellington
I try to stick with as few calibers as possible for ease of stocking and dual uses. Those calibers get bonus points if they are NATO calibers. Most of my pistols are in 9mm and I prefer that round because:

Its plenty lethal when using hollow points
If you want even more power there are +P loads
Less recoil = faster follow up shots
More capacity = more chances to hit your target(s) before reloads.

I have a .40 and its my orphan round, always will be too. I regret choosing that caliber rather than 9mm. Here's Yeagers thoughts on 40's :lol:

 #83362  by 02337
Meant to post this in the general forum whoops.

Anyway those are some harsh words on the .40.
See I hear so many opinions on the 40, it seems its a love it or hate it round.

The capacity isn't a factor because if it comes down to me needing 2 more rounds if I ever had to use it in defense I think I have bigger problems.

I appreciate your opinion maybe some others can chime in as well.
 #83367  by phlydude
The only "Yeager" I will take gun advice from is Chuck...and he isn't dispensing any gun advice.

There is nothing wrong with .40S&W - it is widely accepted (unlike .357SIG) - while it might not be a NATO round, it is carried by law enforcement agencies of all levels and has proven to be an effective round, especially in a self defense load.

9mm is nice and lethal too...but when the ammo grabbing goes on (like it is now), 9mm will be more difficult to find because everyone will be buying it up.

As far as follow-up shots are concerned, the slight difference in the time it takes to squeeze off another round of 9mm vs .40 will not be noticeable enough to make a game changing difference.

The right firearm with the right projectile loaded to the right specs will make a fine tool in a self defense role.

Buy what you are more comfortable with and what you will be able to shoot often enough to be completely comfortable in a defense situation.
 #83395  by whatevah
My vote is the SD40VE. It's my pistol caliber for several reasons, and currently more available than 9mm. I've been able to get 1500 rounds in the past 2 months and could have gotten more. If you have arm and grip strength, accurate followup shots are not that big of a deal. My first time shooting IDPA, I beat out many experienced 9mm competitors on one of the longer-range courses (several targets at 25 yards). I like both calibers, but decided on .40 for my defensive rounds.

There's something to be said for commonality though, by picking the SD9VE, you won't have to buy any new ammo, just keep using your current stuff and when things settle down, only have to buy one type... With 17 rounds of good hollow points like Critical Defense/Duty, Gold Dots or Ranger-T (check out the ballistic gel tests from tnoutdoors9 on youtube), you'll do a lot of damage.

I guess it depends on how good the price is for the SD40VE. :)
 #83396  by 02337
Went with the sd40. Paid $330 for the gun and 2 mags, has apex spring kit installed and came with 3 14 rd magazines. Had 400 rounds through and taken to range twice, clean inside and no marks/damage anywhere. I weighed options for a .45 from viper98 to the sd9 for $400 but I stopped by Walmart on the way home and they only had 3 boxes of .40 in the place so I felt it was a sign!