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 #84878  by iamdude
Well I know it's kind of bass ackwards, but now that I have my CCDW I am starting to open carry. I was afraid to before because I wear layers during the winter and I was afraid I would inadvertently be concealing. So today was my first venture out OC'ing. I went to work to catch up on a few things this morning, and on the way home, I stopped at the Wawa on 13 in New Castle to grab lunch. Surprisingly the neon sign affect didn't really get to me. I was slightly nervous, and my awareness levels were up, but all in all I didn't feel uncomfortable at all. I did however get a funny comment. While waiting in line to make my purchase, and scanning my surroundings, I noticed out of my peripheral vision the lady behind me did a triple take at the M&P Shield on my hip. When she saw me notice she said, "I bet everyone behaves when you're around!" To which I responded, "Yeah, I guess so." I need to work on my quips apparently. :banghead: