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 #106422  by pick_six
In town, Delaware, but with a day to spare before hunting season, and will be just over the line in PA on the 12th. Sounds like a copy of my state permit, a completed form, and $20 will get me 3 more states. Pa va and ga! Nice and cheap! Reckon a ride up 896 is in order.

Cableas or dicks for some slugs/buck, Delaware provisions for the best damned kielbasa in the country, Lancaster sheriffs office and a little banking will make a full day! And some RAPA!!!!

What more could you ask for and do on a vacation!!! Maybe some venison?!?!
 #106538  by pick_six
Arrived 1023
Approved 1026
Waiting for photo

3 minutes.
A few people ahead of me in the photo line.

Out the door with laminated card at 1047
 #107393  by josephjanes
Just renewed my PaLTCF at Lancaster. Still great people , 15 minutes I was all done, with new license. Beats Delaware county, where I 1st got it. (Had to apply, then return a month later to pick up).