If you have a particular encounter with another citizen or LEO, post it here.
 #101483  by ptlion
Made a stop to my local Wawa..as I do every morning. A guy came up to me and said,"Sir, can I ask you a question?" My first thought was,"Oh :censored: , an anti who's gonna blast me for carrying". The guy asks," are you a cop or are you just exercising your constitutional right to carry?" I said,"Not a cop and just exercising my right to carry." His response was,"Does anyone ever bother you for carrying? Have you ever had issues?" I responded,"No, people have generally been pretty good about it." He shook my and and said,"Thank you for carrying, you may actually save a life someday!" I was pleasantly surprised at the encounter AND felt a little stupid at my first thought!! Just figured I'd share :troll:
 #101484  by fdegree
ptlion wrote:...AND felt a little stupid at my first thought!! Just figured I'd share
I wouldn't worry about that initial thought. Unfortunately, it is the result of the media's continuously negative portrayal of all guns, and those that own them, along with the public's blind acceptance of that propaganda. So, your initial thought is fully understandable.
 #101486  by Dugan
I had a similar encounter in the rt 13 wawa, a gentleman was like "Hey can I ask you a question?" He said it pretty loud and i thought he was going to bash me, but he ended up telling me he moved from AZ and wanted to know how he could OC.