If you have a particular encounter with another citizen or LEO, post it here.
 #102537  by JeffIacono
Never had a problem OCing in Jack's. Usual older gentlemen sitting having their coffee this morning. One fella commented, "Look at THAT piece he's carrying."
"You got a license? "
"No. DE is open carry."
"Oh yeah. I'm getting my CCW through Florida."
"Sir, Fla. Non-res. permit isn't valid if you live in DE and have DE drivers license."
I guess not to seem uneducated in front of his friends, he raised his voice to "DON'T YOU TELL ME, I KNOW PLENTY OF PEOPLE WHO DO IT!! " Complete with a dismissive hand wave and roll of his eyes. I paid for my sandwich, wished them all a nice day, and him good luck with his permit.
Got outside and just hadta wonder - WTH just happened?? First time for me a lil information was greeted like that..
 #102540  by scampbell3
Here is a page from the DE AG's website that everyone should have to give DE residents that think they can circumvent the DE CCDW.

http://attorneygeneral.delaware.gov/cri ... pons.shtml
Pursuant to Delaware Code Title 11 Section 1441, as of July 11, 2003, Delaware law allows residents of other states who have been issued a concealed deadly weapon license or permit by certain other states to lawfully carry concealed deadly weapons in Delaware if the state is on the below list of reciprocating states and the person is visiting or traveling through Delaware.

A Delaware resident must have a valid Delaware permit to carry a concealed deadly weapon. A Delaware resident with a non-resident permit from a reciprocating state cannot carry a concealed deadly weapon in Delaware. A Delaware resident is one who carries or is required to have a Delaware driver’s license and/or is registered to vote in Delaware. If you have any questions concerning residency or the application process, please contact the Attorney General’s Office at (302) 577-8600.
DE residents who do not have the DE CCDW and conceal carry with a FL non-res permit are in violation of Title 11 chapter 5 Section 1442. If caught and convicted, class D felony carries up to 8 years in prison.
§ 1442. Carrying a concealed deadly weapon; class G felony; class D felony.
A person is guilty of carrying a concealed deadly weapon when the person carries concealed a deadly weapon upon or about the person without a license to do so as provided by § 1441 of this title.
Carrying a concealed deadly weapon is a class G felony, unless the deadly weapon is a firearm, in which case it is a class D felony
 #102542  by dave_in_delaware
You should have told the guy "Just because you know 'plenty of people do it' doesn't make it legal."

All the knowledge in the world won't change the minds of some stubborn individuals. Sometimes, people need to learn the hard way. All we can do is try to educate others. If they choose to not listen, then that's on them.
 #102550  by Boots
He may know plenty of people that do it... but they had better be non-residents!
 #102558  by Dugan
you would think with the responsibility of carry a firearm people would want to know the laws for themselves, not rely on others "word".. I mean dont these people know they are risking FELONIES...

Thats why i love this place.
 #105499  by 2xTony
People ised to tell me things like all i had to do was fill out a florida application and mail it in with a check and i could carry my gun in DE
 #105518  by Amy Blackthorn
dave_in_delaware wrote:You should have told the guy "Just because you know 'plenty of people do it' doesn't make it legal.".
Plenty of people speed, doesn't make it legal. Also, FELONY prison time.