If you have a particular encounter with another citizen or LEO, post it here.
 #106556  by cmath
So all last evening I was tearing up my living room carpet, new carpets being installed this morning. So I was taking the fun sized pieces out my front door to stack by my trash cans, and on one of the short trips out front I saw a very bizarre sight. Just as I opened my front door to step out, a guy (teenager maybe) came running at full sprint in my direction and went flying over my neighbors fence and dissapeared into the dark. The odd thing was, he was carrying what looked to be an AR style rifle. Now I don't know if it was real, airsoft or just a toy. Regardless it was very odd to see that. Just as fast as he appeared, he was gone.
 #106576  by Kuntryboy816
:shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

Man, I read the title and immediately thought this was going to be about you stopping by yesterday!

That is a strange occurence. There's an app called Scanner Radio that you can install on your smartphone. I usually crank it up when I hear sirens or the DSP chopper hover g over my neighborhood.