If you have a particular encounter with another citizen or LEO, post it here.
 #106636  by Roach
On 11/17/2015 1600-1820.

A friend of mine (Marine) was at Cabelas, looking at some items for Christmas. While walking around the store, he noticed a pair of individuals acting suspiciously. The man was middle eastern (believed to be Syrian by the dialect) mid 30s to early 40s, who was with a woman in full burka. As he moved around the store he was grabbing some odd items from each area, as if moving around aimlessly. The woman was taking photos and video of the security cameras, entrance, exits, and open areas in the store. When they met back up a cabelas employee approached the pair and asked if they needed help. The man appeared irritated and dismissed the employee. When they checked out, there were multiple lanes open, but they went to this kid who was also middle eastern. As they checked out, they were having a full conversation but not in English. The pair left and headed over to the Mall, where a third male had exited the mall and entered the vehicle.

Authorities have already been contacted.

I believe this was a recon of potential targets. Be alert and be on the look out, in the past most of these attacks were committed by young males (20-30), no beard. Dress of choice is black clothing. Avoid the Malls and large stores this black Friday, for those of you who are going to be out, don't be complacent. The items that were purchased are items I have seen (in my time in Afghanistan) in IEDS and Suicide vests.

Semper Fidelis,
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 #106637  by Kuntryboy816
Excellent SA and thank you for sharing. Stay vigilant and carry every day.
 #106661  by dave_in_delaware
Thank you for this alert.

We all need to be extra-vigilant. Keep a sharp eye out for suspicious behavior, and call the authorities if you feel the need.

And, of course, carry your own protection, DAILY. Never leave the house without it, even if it's "just" to the mailbox or shed.
 #106663  by Amy Blackthorn
Why didn't anyone bother to alert asset protection? They can call the Delaware State Police and have them there in seconds, not minutes. DSP has a "troop" inside the mall.
 #106666  by Roach
Authorities have been contacted, that includes: Cabelas Manager (asset protection was not there) they were the first contacted and they informed us they have been keeping an eye on them point of contact is Erin., New Castle county police, Delaware state troopers, and FBI.
 #106669  by NormH3
Might not want to post too many details on a public forum. I understand the need to warn others, but most bad guys can read as well.