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 #108181  by NormH3
GatorDude wrote:I believe others have done that with no success.

I will note that I am aware of at least one person that regularly open carries at the Glasgow Park while with his young daughter.
I get that but it would be best if the law was removed just as Newark has done recently. perhaps an Open carry picnic at the park and invite reporters and politicians. After all, it is an election year.
 #108185  by josephjanes
"Not A Lawyer" speaking !! - Looked up citation in New Castle County Code - This was passed 5-26-98, apparently. As I recall , there was a Delaware law passed (effective) 7-4-85 that counties and municipalities could not enact their own firearms statutes (to keep things consistent throughout the state). So a '98 NCC statute would be contrary to the '85 state law.
See: De. Code Tile 9, Chap.3, Sec.330 (c) and (d).--- for Counties, and
Del. Code Title 22, Chap. 1, ,Sec. 111 for Municipalities.
DE law was amended, signed by Gov. Markell, 8-17-15. Newark has already amended it's statutes for municipal buildings (which is what prompted the change, because someone was OC'ing to Town Meetings, and it scared other residents). However, a story in Newark Post (maybe 6 months ago) was headlined something like " Newark to reverse Illegal Gun Ban" regarding OC'ing in City parks.
Don't know if Glasgow Park is Municipal, County, or State Park - never been there.
 #108186  by NormH3
It's an NCC park and yes Newark did lift it's ban about carrying in city parks. I believe they were actually advised by their attorney that it could cause legal issues for the city if they ever tried to enforce it. Smart lawyer.