If you have a particular encounter with another citizen or LEO, post it here.
 #98765  by Red Alert
Not sure if this goes in this sub-form. But Wife and I had an encounter with a citizen of interest. My wife's car was stolen Monday morning between 0130-700 the day after mothers day. I rode all around the surrounding areas while we waited for the officer to show up about five hours later.

The car was found later around 1815 about a mile and half from the house in the parking lot of Fed-Ex building. We called the police and waited about an hour for them to come out. When he came out he didn't want to take figure prints. He said nothing was taking or damage so be grateful it's here. I said the keys are still missing. He could try and take it again. The officer insured me that almost never happens. But he ended up taking prints but we haven't heard anything of it.

Well I had a trail cam and I set it up on my porch @ night before bed and then again before work each day. The following Saturday morning I was working on the ambulance @ my local firehouse. My wife called me and told me her car alarm was going off. In the process of trying to get it to stop she remote started the car. She panicked and opened the front door until it shut off after 15 minutes. When I returned to the station after a run (during the time the alarm went off) I saw I had a missed call from her twice. I called her back and she told me what happened. My partner and I went to my home about three blocks away and I checked the trail cam. I had it on video!

My wife contacted the police and I made a copy of it for the officer. The same officer working the case came out and we asked him about the video on the Fed-Ex building. He told me a truck was in the way so they didn't get a shot of the suspect. Man I was pissed.

Anyhow, we figured this was the end of it. That was last Saturday. I still however put the trail cam out every night before bed and before heading to work. Well, lastnight or early this morning around 0055 the wife and I were watching a movie in the living room. I was thinking I should put the camera out since it's almost the time when I do. Then I said to myself I won't do it tonight. 10 minutes later the car alarm goes off. I ran to grab my pistol and the wife looked out the window to see the black man sitting in the car trying to start it! When I ran to the door with my pistol the wife opened it for me. I ran out the front door and the guy was halfway down the driveway walking calmly. I yelled to him and he took off running. I gave a small chased before deciding to get my truck. I should have cut the guy off going up my block as he ran up the next one down. I am thinking I know where this guy lives.

Anyhow, my wife got a good look @ him as he did her through the front window. Man I couldn't believe he came back a third time. But I had a gut feeling he would try at least one more time. I think the 2nd time startled him when the alarm went off. You can see him trying to use the push button to open the door. I was thinking he probably thought if he could get it started he could be gone before we got out there. Well we changed the key codes on the keys so he wasn't able to start the car or disable the alarm system. He can still unlock the door though.

I really don't think he will be back again but the thought he still has a key is there. It's about 1000 bucks to change the key out completely and we just don't have it right now. The insurance company will not pay for it as it's not MOUNTED in the car.

Anyhow, the wife now wants a pistol and I'm thinking of installing a permanent outdoor camera system. Changing batteries every other day is expensive.

A recap on how the suspect got the keys. Wife an I went to Jamaica the 1st to the 8th and my pop had my work truck. We went over there mothers day night to get it and visist my step mother and tell them about the trip. I drove the wife's car using my key. She took her keys with her to lock up the front door. Well I gave her my key because I didn't know she had taken hers (She later remembers she put them in the glove box). So she drove her car home using my key. I came home about a half hour later. We both are very particular about locking the cars up @ night. Not sure what happened here this night but apparently her car was unlocked. The suspect rummage through a neighbors car and then I guess he went in ours and found the keys. The rest is explained up top...
 #98780  by Red Alert
Thanks guys. I have no intention of shooting him. Just want him caught so we know it's over...
 #98815  by Dugan
I can guarantee he will try it again, Give it about a month.

Someone whos down on their luck with the keys to a newer car?

He will try it again.

Suggestion. Park your truck and other vehicles at a friends or local neighbors. When he sees nothing in the driveway he will come back.
 #98826  by dave_in_delaware
Dang, sorry this sort of thing happened to you (and more than once!). I know how you feel with sort of expecting them to come back. That's how I felt for months about my attackers from my self-defense shooting incident. Luckily your "criminal" is only trying to steal your car. Good luck, stay safe, and I hope you catch him soon.
Red Alert wrote:... Anyhow, my wife got a good look @ him as he did her through the front window. Man I couldn't believe he came back a third time....
You know, I had to read this a few times, and I'm still getting the wrong picture in my head.... :shock: ;) How would that even work!??
 #98835  by Chizult
Man I despise thieves. Not only are they taking your property, they take your sense of security and peace of mind. The punishment for property crimes is not nearly enough when considering the psychological damage these guys do. Good luck brother.
 #98845  by Red Alert
Dave, my wife looked out the front window as I went to grab my pistol. She saw him in the car and @ the sametime he was looking up @ her dead on.

The family are terrified. I had to call out of work lastnight because the wife and kids won't sleep. I'm not sure what else I can do. I have seen the guy walk around the neighborhood but when I turn around to see where he is going he's gone.

I just don't know what else to do. The police keep telling us to call if he comes back and we live in fear. I'm not asking for a cop @ the door but how about increase patrolling in the area. I have a video I gave them for crying out loud.

The wife wants to sell the car so she won't have to worry about it. She doesn't want to pursue the issue because of fear of retaliation. I'm just about @ my wits end here. I shouldn't be worried about this but her concern is him leveling up to a break in when I'm not home (nights)...