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 #109397  by Mirlen
Am going to work up some loads for TAC, but looking at my Hornady book and the mfg website the data seems quite a bit different... both for Hornady bullets (55gr FMJ/BT w/c, 2267 is what I'm using) I don't have it in front of me but it seemed like the low from the powder mfg was near the top end of the Hornady loads. Thoughts? Anyone else using TAC?
 #109417  by Mirlen
Western Powders says low of 23.2 max of 25.8 and Hornady says 21.5 and 24.7. Have some loaded at 22.5, 23, 23.2, 23.4, 23.6. Will probably load a couple more sets up to cover some of the gaps and look for pressure signs along the way.