If you're applying for your CCDW and wish to track your progress or, if you have questions about applying for a Delaware CCDW, post here.
 #110020  by porsche060
So far my renewal is 100 days and counting. Getting the permit 3 years ago took about 30 days. Anyone seeing similar?
 #110023  by Kuntryboy816
A friend of mine rec'd his in approximately 6 weeks. I think he turned in his paperwork in February sometime.

I turned mine in about a week ago and the nice lady at the prothonotary's office said to look for it by 5/31'ish.
 #110024  by radnor
You're covered even if it comes AFTER 5/31. 1442

When I renew I take original and 2 copies. They get original and a copy. I ask them to time stamp and attach receipt to my copy.
 #110038  by Kuntryboy816
Yeah my brother and cousin turned their renewal apps in late (1st week of June) and the lady at the prothonotary's office told them to keep their receipt on hand in case they ran into any issues with LEO. She told them that even though they were expired, as long as they had that receipt the license would still be valid until the judge approved/denied the renewal. I'm not sure if that's legally accurate but that's what the prothonotary's office told them. They had their new licenses like the 2nd week of July... it was just after my birthday.
 #110046  by radnor
It's good info from them
http://delcode.delaware.gov/title11/c00 ... ndex.shtml

§ 1442 Carrying a concealed deadly weapon; class G felony; class D felony.

A person is guilty of carrying a concealed deadly weapon when the person carries concealed a deadly weapon upon or about the person without a license to do so as provided by § 1441 of this title.

Carrying a concealed deadly weapon is a class G felony, unless the deadly weapon is a firearm, in which case it is a class D felony.

It shall be a defense that the defendant has been issued an otherwise valid license to carry a concealed deadly weapon pursuant to terms of § 1441 of this title, where:

(1) The license has expired,

(2) The person had applied for renewal of said license within the allotted time frame prior to expiration of the license, and

(3) The offense is alleged to have occurred while the application for renewal of said license was pending before the court.