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 #112220  by claymore
While discussing firearms topics with a coworker recently he showed me a document he acquired when he lived in Philadelphia.
It was a carry permit specifically for Philadelphia and was marked 'Property of Philadelphia Police Department'
So my first question for the forum is " If I cross the Philly city limits while carrying with my PA STATE issued permit, will I be subject to arrest and prosecution?"

Second, doesn't this separate document / process violate the PA pre-exemption statutes passed by the state legislature?

Any thoughts?
 #112221  by NCC
IANAL: Sounds like he was a resident of Philly, which is a city and a county. In PA you have to get your License to Carry Firearms (LCF) in the county you live in.

Found this site:

https://philadelphia-police-department- ...

Pennsylvania License to Carry
The Philadelphia Police Department is the Issuing Authority for The Pennsylvania State Police in Philadelphia County. A License to Carry a Firearm must be obtained in the county that you reside in.

Out of State residents wishing to obtain a PA License to Carry must first have a License to Carry form the State that you reside in. Also the PA License to Carry for Out of State residents can be obtain at any issuing Authority. Once issued it is valid anywhere within the State of Pennsylvania.

In case one was wondering, Pittsburgh is in Allegheny County.