If you're applying for your CCDW and wish to track your progress or, if you have questions about applying for a Delaware CCDW, post here.
 #112242  by dean
The CCDW link up top mentions that Centre County has the quickest turnaround time.

The link provided is outdated as they seem to have migrated to a different URL.

It appears that they want you to come and do everything in person based on what I see on the website:

Has anyone gotten a PA LTCF since they've switched over to the new website? Are you still able to do a mail-in?

I should be back in town by next week so if I have to I'll try and set aside time to make the trek up that way.
 #112243  by dean
Nevermind, I was able to get ahold of them over the phone this morning.

They stopped doing the mail-ins a few years ago. You've gotta go there in person.

I could also mail my info and $20 directly to York County but I'd still have to go pick the license up when it's ready and they had no rough estimate on turnaround time.
 #112280  by Boots
dean wrote:Didn't know that was an option. What is PICS?
Pennsylvania's version of NICS.
 #112281  by Boots
radnor wrote:Reading intnl airport. in/out 20 minutes.
CALL FIRST to make sure PICS is up!
Reading Regional Airport?