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Rusty2020 wrote:This is a segment from that web page= "Delaware recognizes licenses or permits to carry concealed deadly weapons issued by other states to the citizens of other states"
I'll try one more time to help you out.

First, A DE resident cannot use a non-resident license/permit from another state: a DE resident MUST have a DE CCDW to conceal.

Second, DE does not issue non-resident licenses.

Third, residents of other states (such as MD) CAN use a license/permit from other states (such as AZ or UT) to carry concealed in DE.

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I listen and read very clearly however it seems cops can have a difference of opinion on the subject which then goes to the AG hands if you get arrested. The same ones that will not answer simple questions.
As for MD its cut and dry they don't reciprocate with anyone so no guess work.

Here is the better question anyone here get pulled over in DE with a AZ or UT CCW and not have any issues? Not that it matters much as I was told there are over 30 different police branches in DE and they all can interpret the law differently but I'm curious.
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What Boots has told you in true, just condensed. Please note that no one has jumped in and disagreed with him. No one here wants you to get arrested. BTW, there are members here that are lawyers.

Obviously if you are concerned then you should not carry. That is what I do when I go through MD (or NJ!). Once I get to VA I pull over, get it out of the trunk, load it, and put it back in the holster.

Here is where you can find it for yourself.
 #112359  by Rusty2020
I understand everyone is trying to help not hurt and I appreciate that. It's just amazing how the law is written being such a gray area on the CCW. It's clear if you have a DE CCW like MD is but gets very Gray when your a non resident.
I'm going to copy the AG reciprocity pages and keep them with me for clarification just in case. I want to poll a few cops down there if I run into any and ask what they know and how they treat the situation.
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Thanks to some fine work done by the Founding Members here in ~2008 you will may find that law enforcement officers are much better informed/trained on the laws now a days. Not so much back then.

You ever hear a story about an arrest and then the charges being dropped? I do imagine that can be due to a law enforcement officer not fully understanding a law and making what they thought was a valid arrest.

NOT knocking law enforcement in the least, God bless them.
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Rusty2020 wrote:I want to poll a few cops down there if I run into any and ask what they know and how they treat the situation.
:pointlaugh: GREAT source for LEGAL information. Will be about as useful as the info you received from the AGs office.