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 #112981  by soundman2345
Reported 8 messages from a spammer this morning. Isn't there any way that the signup can be modified to keep these people out? It's gotten ridiculous. Seems like even when reported the messages remain.
 #112982  by Boots
It's killing this site.
 #112986  by NCC
Agreed Boots. I no longer check the site daily and I quit reporting the spam. Why waste my time? I dunno, maybe everyone is on Failbook and does not use this site any longer.

Years ago I had offered up the solution we found that worked in another forum but I never got a reply back asking about it.
 #112992  by NCC
Today was a good day for the spammers.
 #113041  by NCC
Geeze, even the spammers don't stop by here much anymore.
 #113042  by soundman2345
Haven't reported a spammer in over a week. Starting to feel unwanted. :cry:
 #113043  by NCC
Not with the cool kids...